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     In Loving Memory
June Ellan Balmer

                   1947  -  2008

My Partner, Vice President, & loving friend, June Balmer
died in June of 2008 . I am going to leave her biography
as written below unchanged, because I believe that her
star will always shine around, and in this business to
guide us to success in our endeavors of music success.
And we will strive to keep the quality of life that she was
so dedicated to. The quality that she lived, and enjoyed;
          "Treat everybody right"

June Balmer,  a Lady who was Texas born, and Texas bred.
And like most Texans, she likes to do things in a big way and
do them right. This gal has been a professional photographer
for decades, and has a genuine, and caring love for people
that is seen in her sunshine smile, and demonstrated through
her willingness to make life pleasant, and happy for those
who come in contact with her.

Although June Balmer has not had experience in music as a
professional, she certainly is a music lover, and the kind of
person entertainment people like to be around, because she
loves us for who we are, and not for what we do. I've been
blessed to know this woman, and consider her to be one of
the greatest assets to Rock Bottom Blues Company. And I
know that as an officer of this organization, she will prove to
be an ambassador of "good will" that will sway many to do
business with us, and be convinced that we are a Company of
honesty and integrity.

June Balmer's attitude, and motto in a time that seems to be
a crises is............."LET'S GET 'ER DONE" !

I Like That,
Ritzy Lee