Rock Bottom Blues Company

 Guangzhou,  P.R. China

Luo Ji Ping  is her name....This Very Bright, and energetic young Lady is who we have so
willingly entrusted the task of opening the doors in Asia, for our Artists to be heard by, and to
ultimately appear before the many Blues, Soul, and Jazz Fans of the Region.                             

Ji Ping, or "Jenny" as she is called by her friends, has launched an "interest campaign" in
this Company, and the means to distribute our products in Asia, through introducing us to the
largest, and most recognized media  promotional  firms in Shanghai, and Guangzhou China.

Luo Ji Ping's experience in promotions covers hands on work in all of the  regions of China.
North , South,  Eastern, and Western Provinces from Beijing, Shanghai, to the Sichuan Cities
of Chengdu, and  Wuhan to the Guangdong Provincial City Guangzhou.
Ji Ping's personality, and honorable business practices have earned her many goods friends,
and associates in the Entertainment Media, as well as in the Fashion, and Beauty World of the
Swift, and Booming Economy of China.  Although Cultural Music, and Instrumentation are very
prominent in Asian Countries, There is a very large array of Blues Enthusiasts of all ages who
appreciate, and are eager to hear the music that was created, and personified in the Bayous,
and Juke Joints of Southern America, and today is played, and enjoyed by millions of Music
Lovers throughout the World.
"Jenny" Luo is hard at work at this writing, to unite American, and Asian Fans not only in their
love for the many musicians who play the Blues.  But also is establishing the warranted fact
that this Company is a serious player, who creates quality Music in tandem with some of the
Greatest Musicians in the world today.

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Luo  Ji Ping
Director  Of  Asian  Promotions
Taiwan                        Japan                       South Korea                     Vietnam