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John Chang
Music Director

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John Chang is a man of impeccable character, with a love for music that most of us who
appreciate the art, would say is unrivaled.
John was born in Taiwan, where he learned to play
Piano, Violin, viola, Ehr' Hu, Ditze, and Flute.
John Chang
attended, and graduated from Soo Chow University in Taipei Taiwan in 1977,
and became the Conductor of
The Taipei Symphony Orchestra.

After a stint in the Military (where he was also director of The Marching Band)
John Chang furthered his musical studies in The USA, first attending Berea College in
and then going on to the Prestigious University  of Ohio. Where he studied
Piano Pedagogy, and earned His Masters Degree in Music.

Aside from the obvious talents as  Musician, and Master of several instruments, John Chang
also scores Symphony music Orchestrations, and is one of the best Vocal Coaches, and
Chorale Directors in the world today.
Rock Bottom Blues Company plans to use the talents
so obviously displayed by this man to "enhance & sweeten" the sound of The Music that will be
recorded by our Artists.                                                                                                        
John Chang teaches all aspects of Voice, and all vocal ranges. His students include Children,
and Adults of all ages, and he has the ability, as well as the personality to bond with his many
students to get them to reach for, and attain the peak of their talent in music.

Persons interested in strengthening their vocal skills, and Learning, or improving in one of the
stringed instruments, or piano can contact John Chang at the following email address.

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