Junior Brantley and Friends

This Extraordinary Pianist, and Singer is the Nucleus in the plan to launch our  
Company's goal to become a serious outlet for Music, and Music Lovers alike.
His 1st Album CD recorded for this Company contains 15 Blues numbers that's
sure to showcase the versatility  of this Artist's talents, & creativity for sure.

Not Far From Being Completed;
This Album, features mostly original compositions, &  3 or 4 "standards"...All with
the signature "Style" of Robert Brantley Jr.   Junior Brantley's "Friends" featured
along with him on this work are;  a talented, and versatile  young lady by the name
of Cheryl Justice, who digs down deep into the struts of her lead guitar to portray
the stories of the "Blues" as alive, to those that hear her play.
Also included in this circle of "Blues" Playing friends  are Chris Tofield, &  Albert
Lee. Two seasoned Pros, who are known to, work magic with their guitars, and
can bring the house down with "gut bucket", and soulful singing voices as well.
Rounding out the talent here, is Jose Silva ( Righteous Brothers ) on bass...the
whole world knows, and has been baptized by his unmatched playing style.
The seasoning of this brew will be added by Peter Trout ( slide guitar ), with Berry
Relara (guitar), and Charlie Tuna, guitarist for the legendary B.B. King.           
Rounding out this array of Stars, is the Incomparable Jimmy Vaughan.....a long time
friend of Junior Brantley and certainly one of the foremost  "Icons"  in the Music
Industry today.  The Soulful, and signature sound of Jimmy Vaughan's guitar playing
will certainly take this album to another level, and his influence has brought to the
table,  a duo of Blues Rock impresarios known world wide as "Double Trouble"......
Tommy Shannon ( Bassist ) and Chris Layton ( drummer / Percussionist )  who were
the rhythm section of The Late, & Great Blues Legend Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Only one thing to say about the debut  of this album...............EXCITED!!!!




Tanya Lundy's musical background started and was groomed in Tucson Arizona,
when she attended Tucson High School of the Performing
Arts.                                     Her love for performing gave credence to the study of
"Modern Dance" in tandem with  "Choreography", which led her to also study, and
perform under the direction of Internationally renown  choreographers, and
directors such as Andrea Weber, & Eva Tessler with the University of Arizona, and
The Orts Dance Company.
After stints in Arizona, Minnesota, & Colorado, Tanya was led to southern California
where she began studying with Karen Gallinger one of California's finest vocalists.
This move "fine tuned" her God given talent of singing, and pleasing audiences at  
every venue she performs, and also created an outlet for Tanya to express herself,
and her love for the Blues.  This gal makes you feel what she sings, also she has
an extraordinary feel of knowing what the song is all about, and the vocal power
coupled with the talent to take it where it's supposed to go.

Aaron Neville      "Gospel Roots"  (2 CD Album)

On Tell-it Records,  
Manufactured by EMI
Christian Music Group
Brentwood TN 37027

Aaron Neville is not one of the artists signed to record for our Company, but I did
have the pleasure of visiting Aaron at his home in Brentwood, TN  this past May.
While there, Aaron gave me 3 of his CD recordings which I will always treasure,
Along with the gracious, and friendly time spent with Aaron, and his Family.

This particular CD mentioned above is a work that I have listened to many times
over, has both enlightened, and encouraged me to continue whole heartedly in the
work commissioned to us by our Lord.
So much so, that I thought that I would share some of this beautiful music with you.
And I encourage you to obtain this album for your listening, and spiritual pleasure.
You certainly will be happy you did.
Ritzy Lee



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Ritzy Lee
Rock Bottom Blues
"Rock Bottom" is a solid foundation, to build as high as you dare to go
Albert Lee
The Righteous Brothers Band
Stevie Ray Vaughan     
Jimmy Vaughan        Nile Rodger
Tony Bennett & Junior
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jimmy Vaughan
Thunder Birds
Junior Brantley

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Jeff Mckibben

"The Mckibben Band"

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The two young men
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accomplished musicians,
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Sam  Heda
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