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Rock Bottom Blues

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        RITZY LEE                                                                                           

"Rock Bottom" is a solid foundation, to build as high as you dare to go
Neville Brothers    "Yellow Moon"
Rock Bottom

Is a new Record label
under the direction of a
staff with the combined
experience of over one
hundred years in  the
music industry. Which
includes Recordings,
Productions, Promotions
And creation of music.
From the beginning of
an idea, to the finish of
the Created song. To be
heard, and approved by
the public, and by peers

The Talent represented
here includes the
writing of songs that
ultimately became Gold
Records. Also some of
these songs became
features in numerous
"Hit" Motion Picture and
Television soundtracks.

Rock Bottom Blues Co. Is
committed to creating music
featuring "real"
instrumentation. And the
talent of accomplished
musicians, and singers
throughout the globe. We will
welcome all the submitted
material, from those who
share this love for Music.
June Balmer
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